Learn : The effects of tyre tread depth on stopping distances

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Tyre Tread Depth and Stopping Distances

It has long been known that a decrease in tyre tread depth can lead to the deterioration of a tyre's performance during cornering, and straight line braking in the wet. A tyre is unable to deal with the same volume of water on the road at lower tread depths, which means that the tyre is unable to transmit traction and braking forces as effectively.

Tyre Tread Depth and Stopping Distances

It is recommended that you change your tyres when the tread depth is 3mm !!!
Independent research* has provided convincing new evidence that worn tyres significantly increase the chances of having an accident on wet roads by increasing the stopping distance.

The test results showed that significant increases in stopping distance began to appear when the tyre is worn down to 3mm. Although the legal minimum tread depth is only 1.6mm, this new research showed tyres with 3mm tread had a 25% better performance than those at 1.6mm — which represents an extra 8 metres in wet conditions . Tyre grip when cornering is similarly affected.


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