Hankook Tyre - Ventus Prime3 (K125)

Hankook Tyre - Ventus Prime3 (K125)


  • RM000 MYR

Size: 205/50R16

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The perfect balance between performance and safety

Summer Tyre boasting enhanced features, meeting the demands of ever improving passenger car performance.


Tire Pattern

  • 4 Water clearing/cooling channels.

    Improved water displacement.

  • 3 strong wide tread ribs.

    Enhanced steering precision and mileage.

  • Groove Chamfer.

    Spreads contact patch under braking for better grip

  • Vehicle Alignment Indicators (VIA)

    Brings the Hankook (VIA) Vehicle Alignment Indication system into this market sector, giving the driver visual cues on wheel alignment changes over time.

Tire Structure

High grip silica compound

Improved dry / wet traction and lower rolling resistance.

Jointless full cover reinforcement belt

Ideal tread strength.

Wide steel belt layer

Better dry and wet handling.

Equilibrium rayon carcass line

Enhance sidewall stiffness and durability.

High stiffness bead filler

Better handling and steering response.

Strong single strand bead wire

Improved uniformity and tyre fitting.

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