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Run Flat Tyres

Run Flat Tyres That Help Maintain Vehicle Mobility...Even After Being Punctured

Self-supporting run flat tyres feature a stiffer internal construction, which is capable of temporarily carrying the weight of the vehicle, even after the tyre has lost all air pressure. To provide "self-supporting" capability, these tyres typically attach rubber inserts next to or between layers of heat-resistant cord in their sidewalls to help prevent breaking the reinforcing cords in the event of loss of air pressure. They also feature specialized beads that allow the tire to firmly grip current Original Equipment and aftermarket wheels even in the event of air loss. Because self-supporting tyres are so good at masking the traditional loss-of-air symptoms that accompany a flat tyre, they require a tire pressure monitoring system to alert the driver that they have lost air pressure. Without such a system, the driver may not notice underinflation and may inadvertently cause additional tyre damage by failing to inflate or repair the tyre at the first opportunity. Typically, self-supporting tyres maintain vehicle mobility for 50 miles at around 50 mph.

Examples: Bridgestone RFT (Run-Flat Tire), Goodyear ROF (Run-On-Flat), Michelin ZP (Zero Pressure), Pirelli RFT (Run-Flat Technology) and Continental SSR (Self-Supporting Runflat)

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