Register Tyre Protection Plan & Claim Tyre Protection Plan

Register Tyre Protection Plan

1. Purchase tyres at Hawk Tyre Service Outlets (Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone or Hankook tyres)

2. Fill in warranty card 

3. After payment get the invoice & warranty card and keep it 


Claim Tyre Protection Plan

1. Visit any Hawk Tyre Service Sdn Bhd Outlets 

2. Present your original invoice, warranty card and damage tyre

3. After confirm your tyre is valid for Tyre Protection Plan, Process repair tyre, if cannot repair you need to purchase the replacement tyre and get your rebate up to 100%* please refer tyre rebate chart 

4. Payment ( Labour charge for tyre fixing, balancing and Balance of tyre price after rebate)

5. Done, when a Tyre is replaced, the Tyre Protection Plan Benefits for that tyre end.